RCA Tablet Not Charging (How to Fix)

My elder brother has been using an RCA tablet for a few months and never faced any issues until one day when it was not charging.

So, if your RCA tablet is not charging , here why it is not charging and how to fix it.

RCA Tablet Not Charging

RCA Tablet Not Charging

Reset Your Tablet

In RCA tablets there may be software glitches due to which it is not charging. For removing these glitches you should reset your tablet. 

Here is how you can reset your tablet. 

1. Power off the tablet

2. Then power on

3. When you power on the tablet press the function button on your keyboard

4. And push F9 key repeatedly until you see an option of ‘’ please wait’’

5. Now release the function key and select the troubleshoot option.

6. Reset your PC    

Now you will have two options, removing a few files or fully clean drive (e.g apps, all personal files ,data etc ) restore all settings to their device. This process will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

It is normal for a tablet to power off and on during this process. During resetting nothing to be pressed on the keyboard. 

Once it will be done then you again personalise your tablet.

After reset plug the charger and see whether or not the tablet begins charging. If not then try the following ways.

Inspect Charging Port

Reset did not work then check the charging port may be it is the problem. Most of the time there are dust particles in the port due to which the charging cable is not properly fitting in. 

So, you should check the charging port if there are dirt particles in it to remove them. The other thing you should do is blow the air in the charging port with the blower. 

This thing will remove the moisture from the port. Because sometimes the charging port gets moisturised when you use your tablet near the sink or water container. 

Inspect Charger

When your charging port is in good condition then check your tablet charging cable and adapter . 

Try a different charging cable to charge your RCA tablet. if it fixes your problem and your tablet starts charging then change your charger cable. 

Sometimes another issue is caused by faulty adapters. If the charging cable is OK then check the adapter and try the charger cable with another adapter. 

When you change the adapter , plug in your charger and check the tablet whether it begins charging or not.

Update System

The next thing you should try is to update the system of your RCA tablet. Because sometimes the tablet is outdated due to which it will have glitches. 

So, you should check the system software of your RCA tablet if it is not updated then update it.

Here is how you can update your RCA tablet system.

  • Go to the RCA official website’s downloads sections. ( https://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/downloads/)
  • Then select your tablet’s model from the drop down menu.
  • Then look for available updates. 
  • If any available then update your tablet by following the below steps.
  • Go to settings.
  • Now tap the “About Tablet” in settings.
  • There the new version of the update will be available.
  • Download the new update and install it.
  • Once the system is updated your tablet will restart.
  • Now you have successfully updated your RCA tablet system.

Damaged Motherboard

The damaged motherboard of your RCA tablet is another reason why it is not charging. 

Mostly your tablet’s motherboard will damage if you expose it to extreme heat such as some of you will use it in a sauna or steam room which will damage the motherboard of your tablet and battery as well. 

In this scenario you will need to consult a technician. Because he can tell you whether or not the motherboard is damaged. 

So, if your technician tells you the motherboard is damaged then replace it.

Faulty Battery

Sometimes faulty batteries also cause charging issues. So you should check if your tablet battery is ok or not. 

If you notice your battery life deteriorates, and notice a bulge in the back side of the device. Now it’s time to replace your tablet battery with a new RCT6378W2 battery. 

To start this process, remove the memory card to avoid any damage and change the faulty battery with a new one. 

Follow the steps given below to change the battery of your RCA tablet.

1. Open your RCA tablet with the help of a screw driver.

2. After that snap of the battery connection and remove the tape that is applied to attach the battery.

3. Take the new battery and attach it like the old battery was. And power on your tablet.

After replacing the battery, check whether or not your RCA tablet begins charging. If still not charging then move onto the next fixes.

Return Your RCA Tablet

So, you have tried everything and nothing works for you. Then first reach out to RCA experts and tell them what problem you are facing. 

If their fixes also don’t work then you should return your tablet. 

Typically RCA provides 1 year warranty on parts replacement and 90 days for returning tablets. 

So, if your RCA tablet is under warranty I would suggest you return it or replace it with the new tablet.


If your RCA tablet is not charging try the following fixes:

  • Reset your tablet.
  • Inspect the charging port, charging cable and adapter.
  • Update the system or softwares.
  • Replace or repair the damaged motherboard.
  • Replace the old faulty battery with the new one.

Can You Charge a RCA Tablet with USB?

Yes , you can charge your RCA tablet with a USB with a USB port e.g connect it to a computer USB port via an appropriate mobile data cable. 

How Do You Factory Reset RCA Tablet with only the Power Button?

Here is how you can factory reset your RCA tablet.

  • The first step is to power off the tablet. 
  • Now press the both power button and volume button together.
  • After some time you will see the loading screen. 
  • Now push the power button then you will see some options in a list.
  • By using the keyboard, press the volume down key until factory reset is highlighted after highlighting press the enter button to choose option.
  • You will be taken to a confirmation page , but just do the same thing to scroll down the volume down key until it wipes away all the user data.
  • Continue the procedure until you will get the original command prompt screen.
  • Now the reboot system is highlighted, go ahead and reboot your RCA tablet. It will take less than 10 seconds. It will then return to your prompt screen.

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