Onn Tablet Keeps Restarting (Fixed)

Onn tablet is a branded device having a variety of features and functions in an affordable price range. 

I have been using an Onn tablet for the last 3 months. It runs perfectly fine until one day when it begins restarting. 

So if your Onn tablet keeps restarting here is how you can fix it.

Onn Tablet Keeps Restarting

If your Onn tablet keeps restarting it could be software glitches, viruses or malware, outdated software or system and external accessories such as SD card. To fix your Onn tablet you should turn it on in the safe mode, remove virus, reset tablet, double tap on the whole tablet, update system and remove external accessories.

Onn Tablet Keeps Restarting

If you do not understand what exactly you need to do in every step then read on.

1. Turn On in Safe Mode

To turn on  your  Onn tablet in safe mode and see if it will load properly or  not or the problem is there due to bad apps , virus, malware etc. 

Now you will have to remove bugs and fix the problem.

Steps to get in safe mode

  • 1. Power off your tablet 
  • 2. After that press and hold the power key until company logos appear on screen and then release the power key.
  • 3. Immediately press the minus sign on the volume button until the message appears on your screen “ safe mode on”.
  • 4. If you want to disable it , repeat all above steps and you should see safe mode off rather than on.

If you still face the same issue ( not loaded properly , freeze ) in safe mode then you should perform a hard reset because there may be hardware issues.

2. Virus or Malware

By keeping safe mode on if your Onn tablet still keeps restarting and crashing or freezing then there may be other problems i.e virus or malware. 

Malware is a malicious software which affects your system function , steals your system data and erases all important files and apps from the system. 

To prevent the system from this, remove virus or malware by installing antivirus or antimalware software.

Antimalware can prevent malware attacks by scanning all data and files In the system.

Steps to proceed scanning

  • Open your Onn tablet and go to window setting menu
  • Choose the option of virus and threat protection 
  • And click the scan option
  • Choose window defender offline scan 

3. Reset Your Onn Tablet

If your Onn tablet still keeps restarting you should  reset the tablet to remove software glitches. 

Reset all types of glitches and it will run properly.

Follow the given steps to reset your Onn tablet

  • Go to setting menu of your Onn tablet 
  • Scroll down the list and click on the system button to continue.
  • After that click on advanced button
  • From this list choose reset option and allowed to system reset
  • In the next step click on erase all data or factory reset ( wipe all data , apps ,files etc)
  • Confirmation message displays on screen that all your accounts e.g insta facebook google account will be deleted except the files you have backed up will not be deleted.
  • Now choose the reset option on the tablet.
  • A second confirmation message displayed on screen this action cannot be undone so if you  agree erase all data.
  • If necessary enter your password and pin.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes to restore the device in their default state. 

4. Plug Charger and Restart

After resetting the tablet you should restart your tablet too.

Plug in the charger correctly and see on the  tablet screen whether it is charging or not 

If it shows charging then press the power button until the logo appears on screen.

Another method of restarting the device is , plug in the charger and press both power button and volume down buttons together. 

Now restart is done if the manufacturer logo appears on screen.

5. Double Tap your Tablet

Double tap is also helpful to fix your tablet. It is done by tapping two fingers on the front side of the screen and also on the backside. 

To activate double tap on your tablet abide by all rules given below.

  • Go to setting option which is cogwheel icon on tablet
  • Select the option of advance feature and click on gesture and feature.
  • Now you have a list of many options of hand setting
  • Double tap on and double tap off.
  • Select the option of double tap on to activate it.

After activating the double tap you should tap with your two fingers on the front and backside of your Onn tablet. If this doesn’t work then try the following methods.

6. Update the System

The next thing you should try is to update the system of the Onn tablet because sometimes the tablet is outdated due to which it runs slowly.

So you should have to check the system software of your tablet if it is not updated then update it. 

Here is how you can update your Onn tablet system

  • Go to the official website of Onn tablet download sections.
  • http://www.onnaudiovideo.com/downloads
  • From the drop down menu select tablet model
  • then Look for new updates.  
  • Update your model if any is available.
  • Go to setting.
  • Choose the tap about tablet option.
  • There are new versions of updates available.
  • Download the new version and install it 
  • Once the system is updated your tablet will restart. 
  • Now you have successfully updated your Onn tablet system.

7. Remove External SD Card

If you have an SD card in your tablet please make sure to remove it because sometimes SD cards have faulty softwares. 

So, you should power off your Onn tablet and then remove SD card and power on the tablet. Check if your tablet still keeps restarting or not.

If your device works properly without an SD card then your SD card is faulty. 

Wiped out all softwares and data from SD card and then put it in device then notice what happens again if same issue is repeated than contact with engineer replace SD card hardware or change SD card with new one.


If your Onn tablet keeps restarting you should try the following fixes:

  • Turn on your Onn tablet in the safe mode.
  • Remove viruses or malware from your tablet.
  • Reset your Onn tablet.
  • Plug the charger into the tablet and restart it.
  • Double tap on the whole tablet.
  • Update the system.
  • Remove the external accessories or SD card.

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