Onn Tablet Recovery Mode (Explained!)

Onn tablet recovery mode is a mode that is used to install the new updates and features. It is also used if your tablet is malfunctioning, or infected with malware. If the problem is with the software or any internal program, the recovery mode can fix this easily until the problem is connected to the hardware. 

It also has the bad thing of wiping out the data. If your Onn tablet is not operating and you have to recover it, all the data will be wiped out. 

So, you cannot save your data in recovery mode. But it is also the safest way to fix the software of your tablet. 

In this article, you will know some more information about Onn tablet recovery mode. So, stay tuned! 

How to Enter Onn Tablet into Recovery Mode? 

Sometimes, entering your tablet into recovery mode becomes necessary. Many problems with your tablet like not charging, freezing screen, etc. can only be fixed by this method. 

So, the following is the procedure to enter in Onn tablet recovery mode: 

● Make sure your tablet is turned off. 

● Press and hold the volume up and power button to enter the recovery mode. 

This is the simple way of entering into recovery mode. Now you will see plenty of options that are related to the software of tablets. 

These will be related to updating the various parts of your tablet, wiping out the data, factory resetting, and running different tests. So, select whatever task you want to perform. 

Here, you have to use the volume up and down button to move and the power button to select. 

How to Remove Onn Tablet From Recovery Mode? 

If you have entered recovery mode and do not want to perform any action, you can remove your tablet from recovery mode without performing any actions. 

If you have to act, for example you want to update something, simply select the option, and your tablet will restart into a normal mode when the updating process completes. 

If you do not want to perform any option, simply select the power off option at the end of this list. Your tablet will be powered off. Turn it on and your tablet will be removed from recovery mode. 

What to Do if Onn Tablet Not Entering Recovery Mode? 

If your Onn tablet is not entering recovery mode, it can be a problem with the software of your Onn tablet. 

You need to check the software of your tablet from every aspect. Many things can create this problem. So, you have to check them one by one. 

The following are the parts that can create this problem: 

● Software Update 

● Reset Tablet

Software Update

Sometimes the software starts to create problems. Your tablet or any other device works well when it is up to date. So, try to update the software of your tablet. 

Sometimes, the tablet starts to create problems by itself just to force you to update the software. 

So, without any caution or warning, you should update the software of your speaker. The update brings high security and new features to your device. 

So, the following are the steps to update the software of your tablet: 

● Make sure your tablet has 40% charging. 

● Go to settings and tap on the option about tablet in the last. 

● In this option, the latest version will be available for download. 

● Download it as soon as possible. 

● After downloading, select the update now option. 

● It will take several minutes and your tablet will be updated. 

Reset Tablet 

Sometimes, the software can be attacked by bugs and viruses. These can get into your tablet through any external device like USB, micro SD card, etc. 

So, never connect your tablet without scanning the device. These bugs are very harmful to your tablet. It is also possible that your tablet is creating this issue because of these viruses and bugs. 

Resetting will wipe out all the data from your tablet along with these bugs. 

So, the following are the steps to reset your tablet: 

● Make sure your tablet is completely off. 

● Now press and hold the volume down and power button together until the Onn logo screen shows up. 

● When the recovery screen will be shown, go to the factory reset or wipe data with the help of the volume up and down buttons. 

● Select it with the help of the power button. 

● Your tablet will show a yes or no screen. 

● Tap on yes and reset your tablet. 

● After a few minutes, your tablet will be factory reset.

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