ASUS Chromebook Not Turning On (8 Proven Tips!)

I have been using an Asus chromebook for a long time and never had any problems except a few days ago when it was not turning on. 

So, if your Asus chromebook is not turning on here is why it is not turning on and how you can fix it.

ASUS Chromebook Not Turning On

If your Asus chromebook is not turning on it could be due to something wrong with charging accessories, virus, software glitches, outdated software or system and faulty circuit board. To fix it, inspect charging accessories and replace parts accordingly, remove virus or virus protection apps, reset chromebook, update system and repair circuit board.

Asus Chromebook Not Turning On

1. Inspect Charging 

The charging is the most common issue for this problem. Sometimes, our Chromebook is not charged because it won’t turn on. So,  you should first charge yourAsus chromebook. 

If after charging your chromebook doesn’t turn on. 

Then it can be a battery problem. So, the battery can be burnt or have problems. It can also be possible that the battery of your laptop is not storing the power. So, it is not getting the power to turn on. To fix this problem you should replace the battery.

The problem can be with the charger. It’s also possible that the charger is not charging your chromebook. The problem can be with the adapter or the charging cable. 

So, try to check which part is problematic and which is not. Replace both parts with the new one and see which part is having a problem. So, try to check and replace it. 

Sometimes, the problem is with the wire but after connecting, the wire shows no problem. The actual problem is that the wire is broken from multiple places and the power starts to lose instead of increasing in the battery. 

So, try to see if the problem is with the wire replace it. 

2. Virus Protection 

Some devices are protected from viruses through software. The software does not allow starting the Chromebook if it has a virus attack. 

Their work is to protect the device. So, they do not allow them to start the device so the virus cannot affect the device. 

You need to reset your chromebook as soon as possible otherwise, your chromebook will not turn on. 

After that, you need to either remove the virus from your chromebook or remove the virus protection apps in order to keep your device turned on.

3. Reset Your Asus Chromebook

Sometimes Asus chromebook is not turning on due to software glitches. Software issues are often concerned with the updating of drivers. The software can also be contaminated. 

The viruses and bugs are very harmful to your device. So, the only solution to make it normal is reset your Asus chromebook. 

The resetting will make it normal and will wipe out all the data along with these bugs. It also fixes if your chromebook has any other problem too. 

So, the following are the steps to reset your Asus Chromebook: 

● Sign out of your Chromebook. 

● Now press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r at the same time. 

● You will see a recovery screen and select reset. 

● Now select the powerwash and then continue. 

● Now your laptop will require sign-in for confirmation that it’s you. 

● After confirmation, the resetting will start. 

4. Update Software or System

Sometimes the problem is with the software. Devices can work properly with the latest version. The old version of the software can start problems. 

The update fixes all the minor issues and also launches the latest features. So, if the problem is with the software, you need to update the software. 

Following are the steps to update the software: 

● Make sure your Chromebook is on. 

● Go to the settings. 

● Now select the software from the settings of your laptop. 

● In this, the new version of the software will be available. So, you need to download the new version and install it now. 

● Your device will take several seconds to restart. 

● After restarting, it will be updated. 

● Sometimes, the laptop is not turning on, then you need to update the software from the recovery screen. When you are on the recovery screen, it also shows some options for Updation. But those are mentioned for some parts of your laptop. So, try to update using this method. 

5. BIOs 

The BIOs are the programs located on the circuit board. These BIOs initiate the system to start. So, the problem can be with these if you are having problems turning on your Asus chromebook. 

These require an update. Sometimes, these BIOs also get updated when you update the software because these are also linked with them. 

So, if these are not linked then you need to go to a technician for fixing these. So, take your laptop to the technician to fix the BIOs. 

They know well how to fix these complex issues. So take this to the official tech support if available. 

6. Circuit Board 

The circuit board can also create problems. The Circuit board is the most sensitive part of the chromebook. It’s like the brain of a device. 

So, you should not try to fix this by yourself. This is very sensitive so, can be completely damaged by a little scratch. 

So, try to take your Chromebook to the technician for fixation. 

The Circuit board is a very complex part. 

Ordinary people cannot fix this, so you should take this to tech support for a better solution. 

7. Faulty Battery

Sometimes faulty battery is reason why your Asus chromebook is not turning on. Because when battery is faulty it will not hold the charge and as result your chromebook won’t turn on.

Mostly your chromebook battery will damage if you expose it to direct sunlight or heat. Also with the time batteries degrade so, if your chromebook is 2 to 3 years old it means its battery should be changed.

To check whether you should replace your ASUS chromebook battery check its health.

To check the health of your Asus chromebook battery’s health follow the below steps.

  • Press Control, Shift and t at the same time to open the crosh.
  • Then type battery test and hit enter.
  • You will see your chromebook battery health in percentage out of 100%.
  • If battery health is below 20% it means you need to replace it.

8. Physical Damaged

If your ASUS chromebook is still not turning on after replacing the battery.

Then you should check for physical damage, maybe it has been dropped on the hard floor, and its circuit board or charging port is broken, due to which electricity (current) is not passing to the battery.

In this case, you need to consult a technician who can easily fix your tablet hardware problems.


No doubt Asus chromebook are durable and best ones on the market. However, sometimes they won’t turn on. But this problem is not really a big issue you can fix it by following these ways:

  • Check the charging accessories and battery 
  • Turn on by resetting chromebook and remove virus
  • Update software and system
  • Update BIOs
  • Repair circuit board

How Do You Turn On a Asus Chromebook?

To turn on your Asus chromebook press the power button which located on upper right corner of the keyboard for few seconds. Your chromebook will take a few seconds to turn on and logo will appear.

How Do I Know if Chromebook Battery is Bad?

To check the health of your Asus chromebook battery’s health follow the below steps.

  • Press Control, Shift and t at the same time to open the crosh.
  • Then type battery test and hit enter.
  • You will see your chromebook battery health in percentage out of 100%.
  • If battery health is below 20% it means you need to replace it.

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