Samsung Tablet Not Detecting WiFi (5 Proven Fixes!)

My brother has been using a Samsung tablet for a few years. He did not face any problem until one day when it was not detecting WiFi. 

If your Samsung tablet is not detecting wifi, here is why it is not detecting and how you can fix it.

Samsung Tablet Not Detecting WiFi 

If your Samsung tablet is not detecting wifi it could be due to long distance between the two devices, faulty wifi, outdated system or software and software glitches. To fix your Samsung tablet wifi problem bring it close to wifi, check the wifi router, update system and reset your tablet.

Samsung Tablet Not Detecting WiFi

1. Distance Between Devices 

If your Samsung tablet is having a problem detecting wifi, it can be the problem of the distance. The WiFi can give a connection in a specific range. 

If your tablet is not in this range, the wifi will not be shown on your tablet. The signals of the router spread when it is in an open space. 

So, your problem can be because of this range/distance. 

Try to take your tablet near the WiFi to check if the problem was this or not. You should always put your wifi in the Tv lounge or a which connects all parts of the house. 

This problem is usually faced when the router is set in rooms. The signals find very less space to spread out of the room. 

So, try to put it in an open place. 

2. Check the WiFi

If your Samsung tablet is not detecting, check wifi that it is working or not. Sometimes, the wifi is not working or the device is creating a fault. 

You have to check all the related parts of wifi. First of all, l check whether your WiFi is on or not. Sometimes, the power source which is providing electricity to your WiFi does not work. 

So, make sure your WiFi is turned on or off. Check whether your wifi is working or not. There will be lights on the box. 

You have to check them and see if there is any problem or not. Most of the time this happened because of any loosened or broken wires. 

So, you also have to unplug all the Wires and connections. 

3. Restart Your Samsung Tablet

Sometimes the problem looks very big but the solution is only a restart. Most of the time, this happens. Tablets and smartphones require a restart. 

Restart also fixes many other minor problems with your tablet. So, try to restart your tablet. Restarting is very simple. 

You just have to turn off your tablet and turn it on again after 2 to 3 minutes. 

There are many chances that your tab will detect the WiFi. Also, try to restart your WiFi. It can also be possible that it has some minor problems with power, voltage, etc. 

So, try to restart both devices and see if the problem has been solved or not. 

Otherwise, move to the next step. 

4. Update Software 

The software also needs to be updated. Every company launches new versions of software for its products after some time to keep it advanced and updated. 

So, when you do not update the software of your tablet, it starts to create problems to force you to update the software of your tablet. 

So, it can also be possible that you have to update the software. 

Following are the steps to update the software of your tablet: 

● Make sure your tab is on. 

● Go to the settings. 

● Now tap on the tablet from settings about the tablet. 

● In this, the new version of the software will be available. So, you need to download the new version and install it now. 

● Your device will take several seconds to restart. 

● After restarting, it will be updated. 

5. Reset Your Samsung Tablet

Sometimes the software is infected with malware. It usually happens when you connect different devices with your tablet without any scanning. 

These devices like US and micro SD cards can easily transfer viruses and bugs from one device to another. These are very harmful to your tablet. 

In this situation, you have to reset your tablet. Resetting will wipe out all e bugs. 

So, the following are the steps to reset your Samsung tablet: 

● Turn off your tablet. 

● Now, press the volume up and the home button for at least 10 seconds. 

● While pressing these two buttons, also press the power button until the logo screen appears. 

● After this, the android recovery screen will be shown. 

● Now, select the wipe data. Use volume up and down buttons for moving and select by pressing the power button. 

● Now a confirmation screen will be shown with yes or no. 

● Press yes and it will start restarting. 

● It will take a few minutes to restart with a factory reset. 


In the end I would suggest you should try to fix your Samsung tablet instead of throwing it away or reselling. So, if your Samsung tablet is not detecting wifi here is how to fix it.

  • Bring your Samsung tablet close to your wifi
  • Check wifi router sometimes it is faulty
  • Update the system of your tablet
  • Reset your Samsung tablet

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